Questions and Answers

Q: Does this course comply with the latest ERC and UK Resuscitation Council Guidelines?
A: Yes our online and also onsite training complies with the latest ERC and UK Resuscitation Council Guidelines.

Q: Are your courses CPD certified?
A: Yes our online course is CPD certified and is available with 4 hours of cpd time credits.
A: Our onsite bls training for Dentists course holds 5 hours of cpd time credits.

Q: How is the training conducted?
A: Our online training is conducted using video based instruction, with instructor led presentations. Each video can be rewound, or paused to gain a better understanding of the course content.
A: Our onsite training is offered for group bookings and can be fitted in to suit your working schedule.

Q: How much video content is contained within the online courses?
A: Depending on the course selected, but our online bls dental course has over 2 hours of training videos.

Q: When do I receive my certification?
A: Once you have successfully completed your online training you will be able to print your certification.
A: On completion of onsite bls training certification is sent via post.

Q: How long is certification valid for?
A: BLS Certification is valid for 1 year, other courses may vary.

Q: How do I keep my skills fresh and up to date?
A: Once you have completed our online BLS course you will be send free weekly video refresher emails to keep your skills fresh and up to date.

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